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Due to insurance requirements, we have decided to suspend our motorcycle rentals temporarily. Please come back and visit us to see if/when we will be up and running again.

Thanks, Ron and Matt

Rental Testimonial

When we were first forming a plan to take our daughter to college from Colorado to WWU in Bellingham, we had visions of tacking a motorcycle touring trip on to our travel plans…somehow. Being motorcycle enthusiasts, at first we thought we’d trailer our own BMW K1300S bikes up there along with all the necessary dorm ‘stuff’, and experience the Pacific NW on two wheels on our way back home, but in drilling down to the details of travel time vs remaining vacation days from our respective companies, we realized our original plans were in need of a makeover.

We had never rented motorcycles before, but the idea dawned and grew. Neither of us even considered that a ‘small’ town such as Bellingham might offer the convenience of MC rentals so Richard started researching possibilities in Seattle. Luckily, he was referred to a place in Bellingham that could help us out with “good guys and immaculate motorcycles that were really well maintained”. Wow…here we go! Can it really be this easy!? Yup! A day later we had reservations for an R1150GS and R1200GS and the knowledge we were in for a treat.

Fast forward to arrival in Bellingham. Purchased the necessary dorm stuff for our daughter and made our way to NW European. What a delightful surprise to meet Ron and Matt! Low key, friendly, knowledgable and enthusiastic about giving some landlocked Coloradans advice for routes to experience some great Pacific NW riding. We were so impressed with the shop and contents, let alone the bikes they had ready for us. Pristine condition with all the necessary accessories: GPS, luggage, and of course…heated hand grips. Theirs is an immaculate shop with some impressive european autos. You knew from a glance that this is the place local auto affecionados entrusted the care of their prized possessions. Any misgivings we may have felt from the distance of Colorado vanished on our arrival to the shop and upon meeting Ron and Matt.

We were off for 4 days of riding which included a trip up to Whistler and also over to the Olympic Peninsula. We encountered fantastic country roads, coastal roads riding in and out of lush green forests, mountain terrain, a ferry crossing including a dolphin and bald eagle siting…and all from a fantastic base of a little town called Bellingham. From this town, one can access a diverse array of riding conditions and scenery offering so many choices between rewarding day rides or longer. The biggest challenge…deciding which direction to go first…but make sure you cruise down Chukanut Drive at some point during your travels!

What’s next? Drop ship our gear to Ron and Matt, pick up a couple of bikes and h e l l o Alaska!

Richard, Kathy, and Riannon Rondeau
2013 Motorcycle Rental

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