The Birth of NW European Motoworks

I have been riding and repairing BMW motorcycles since I was 20 years old—approximately 35 years. I have always been passionate about BMW because of their simplicity and high quality and have owned BMW cars exclusively for as long. I am passionate and confident enough that I opened an automotive repair shop specializing in service and repair of BMW cars. Starting the business from scratch 6 years ago, I have built a reputation for high quality, affordable BMW Repair in the Northwest Washington area. During this time, I have continued my affair with the 2 wheeled version of BMW and kept my enthusiasm for repairing them with a handful of loyal customer’s bikes.

In 1998, my good friend Jack and I decided that we needed an ultimate adventure and rented motorcycles for 3 weeks in central Europe. That opened my eyes to the possibility of starting my own motorcycle rental company in Bellingham so others could enjoy touring the Pacific Northwest on BMW’s. At this time however, it didn’t seem appropriate to risk my successful construction business to start another, so the thought was shelved into the back of my mind. In 2008, once again Jack and I decided we needed another adventure, this time to Alaska where we heard the motorcycling is fantastic. We rode asphalt and gravel, including the Denali Highway as well as the road to Mt. McKinley. The thought once again about starting a motorcycle rental and repair company got me excited. This time I had a shop, a crew of mechanics and the wherewithal to possibly pull it off. I developed a business plan for repairing BMW’s only but felt that the demographics could not support a full time business, so once again the idea was shelved.

In 2011, I purchased a BMW R1200GS to see what all the “dualsport” excitement was about. After seeing many videos about around the world traveling, I was ready to try it myself. This opened up a whole new aspect of riding for me and many new potential areas to explore. A lot of the emphasis in dualsport riding is traveling to new regions of the world and renting on/off road motorcycles for a full experience of the area. I believe now, I know what to do next and that’s to open a motorcycle rental shop and rent BMW’s to people so they can experience riding in the Northwest where we have some of the best riding in the world!

I hope to start the business with 10 BMW twins, ranging from the R1100R, S and RS, to the R11500RT and the R1100GS and 1150GS. If there seems to be a market for the F650, it will be added to the line up as well as the F800GS when it becomes affordable. By starting with older low mile twins, the initial investment will be lower. This makes sense to me as well because the reliability of the BMW twins is second to none. There will be essential accessories available at the shop such as: helmets, gloves, boots and rain gear plus all bikes will be fitted with hard bags and tank bags if needed for comfortable 1-7 day trips. All these items will be for sale or for rent depending on the clients needs. The goal is to provide the experienced BMW rider with a motorcycle that is similar to what they’re used to so they will be able to experience the beauty and ultimate riding that the Northwest has to offer without having to ship their motorcycle, or ride 1000’s of miles to the area. Between me and numerous friends we will have maps and itineraries of spectacular trips along with providing the comfort and reliability of a BMW motorcycle.

This is my passion. I hope to have NW European Motoworks up and running this summer (2013). Please contact me with any questions or comments regarding the business and keep coming back for updates on my progress.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support!

Ron Ager

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